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Following the success of her top-rated travel app on the nation’s capital, DC With Kids, highly-respected travel journalist, Candyce H. Stapen, Ph.D., introduces Boston With Kids and New York City Family Guide, both by noted travel writer Deb Geigis Berry. FamilyiTrips apps take the stress and guesswork out of planning an unforgettable trip. Kids like using the apps, too. Here’s why these apps are a top pick for families:

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Save time. Forget about having to search through a list of everything in the city; instead, easily browse our categories and icons to hone in on what suits your family. The Top 11 lists provide expert picks of the destinations’ top attractions for visitors with limited time.

attractions exhibits
Target the best experiences for different age groups. The four year-old is whining, the grade schooler is bored and the teenager wants to know why he had to come on this “stupid trip anyway.” Use Young Kids, Grade Schoolers and Teens icons to easily find the attractions and the specific museum exhibits that engage each age group.



Create a personalized itinerary with the Favorites icon. Add the attractions and exhibits that you want to see most to your personal list.


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Find out about insider experiences, such as sleepovers at DC’s National Museum of Natural History, splash sessions with Northern Fur Seals at Boston’s New England Aquarium and the FREE catch and release fishing program in Central Park. The Special icon also showcases a city’s great tours, sports events and engaging kid-oriented theaters.

The Play Outdoors icon pinpoints ways to have fun outside. Discover where to paddle, bicycle, walk, ride carousels or horses, fish, cool off in spray parks, stroll gardens and cheer teams.



Been there, done that? More, Special, Play Outdoors, Animal Adventures and Side Trips offer repeat visitors to the city, as well as locals, information on attractions beyond the Top 11.



Fun Facts. Use these fascinating tidbits about each city to start conversations with your kids. That goes a long way toward making any family outing a success.



Use the Free and Money Savers icons to identify budget-stretchers quickly.

Shop pinpoints the best things to buy at the major attractions. After all, your kids don’t want to miss treasures such as edible paper at DC’s International Spy Museum or kids’ watches that magically change color at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art store.



Find the best snacks, cupcakes, pizza, burgers and sit-down restaurants. Specific icons point you toward local finds for snacks, inexpensive quick meals, including food trucks, as well as places for leisurely dinners.

lodging hotels


Learn about family-friendly lodgings. Since hotels with pools are a bonus for families, these as well as other well-located properties are described. Also listed are accommodations that welcome dogs and cats, important finds for those who travel with their four-pawed family members.

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