How to Travel with Another Family and Still Remain Friends

Families traveling together
Traveling with another family can be lots of fun. Your kids have buddies to share adventures with and you can share responsibilities like driving, shopping, leading outings and other tasks. Plus you save money by splitting costs for lodging, gas, food, rental van fees and other expenses.

Sounds good right?

It can be – just remember the big beware: ruining the friendship.

Liking a family is not enough. Even the most complementary couples who are the best of friends can have different travel rhythms and goals. Don’t think that just because you enjoy Sunday barbecues or movie nights together that you and the other family make good travel partners. If you plan on sharing a beach house or even exploring a city with another family, you need to be able to live with them, their children and tolerate their habits for 8+ hours a day.

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