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Headed for DC? Here are a couple of apps you can use!

So in the interest of this being on the East Coast and at the end of the school year, I decided to bring the kids so they can see the sights and perhaps a legislator or two (never hurts a politician to see a kid!). I spent $2.99 on the DC With Kids app and have already enjoyed it at least $5.00 worth-you can use it as well, if you plan to break free of meetings at all. Within the app, you can hunt down Food Trucks (I’m looking for Sixth and Rye myself, @sixthandrye), find out the hours and tips for Memorials and Museums in town (even categorized by age group appropriateness), locate local shopping, etc.
by Leigh Brown, National Association of Realtors – May 14, 2012, Review Link

D.C. with Kids by FamilyiTrips

What it is: A comprehensive travel app with more than 500 entries to help a family explore Washington. The whimsical icons, like the entries themselves, will appeal to a range of ages.

How it works: Choose a category ranging from “top 11” to “play outdoors” or “side trips.” Need a place to sleep? Press “sleep” and choose from “hotels with pools” to “pet-friendly lodgings.” Press “plan ahead” to build an itinerary that may include a Washington Nationals baseball game or taking a barge tour at Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park.

Why it’s great: It’s loaded with info. By selecting favorites, you can create custom itineraries.

Why you might hesitate: Though I love the eye-catching icons, I wish there were more photographs.
by Chicago Tribune – – May 6, 2012

great app gets even better This is a great app that just keeps getting better. We followed the advice to go to the National Arboretum to see the cherry blossoms with fewer crowds than at the Tidal Basin. That made the visit much more enjoyable for my four year old.
by here we come – Version 3.1 – Apr 8, 2012

This app SAVED me!!!! WONDERFUL APP! On top of being very comprehensive and easy to navigate, I don’t know what I would have done without it! My family travels a lot, but we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to DC. I was very nervous about this because the last time we took a trip without any plans, we were completely lost. We even had a travel app then, but it wasn’t nearly as helpful as DC with Kids, which is AMAZING! So this time we took the trip to DC, I got DC with Kids and was WAY more prepared than I ever thought I could be. We had more to do than on any other trip. The recommended restaurants we were able to try were delicious and the app made them easy to get to. We went biking, saw a play, and visited several museums. I was so thrilled that my kids actually loved the app too and all wanted to look through it. They loved the illustrations and how activities were divided by different age groups. They each got to pick one activity from the app, but they all wound up being happy with everything we did! I have three kids, and they never agree on anything, so this was a mother’s dream come true. It was educational AND recreational, instead of just sitting in front of the TV. My husband was amazed we could all get along so well and have round the clock fun. His comment was that this app is worth WAY more than a travel book and includes so much more, which is why it’s incredible that it’s only $1.99. This app is must-have. Get it and let your kids play with it on the ride down. I just hope familyitrips comes out with apps for more cities so I’m not lost the next time we take a trip.
by jenny 452 – Version 3.0 – Mar 17, 2012

Adorable and informative User-friendly, very cute illustrations, and an entire travel book’s worth of content for less than a Starbucks latte! Good deal. There are useful activity ideas for locals and visitors alike, even those without kids.
by Em Crockett – Version 2.0 – Mar 15, 2012

I loved this app and so did the kids!!! We had already planned to visit the White House and the Capitol building. With this app it made our trip so much easier to plan all of the other activities including our trip to monuments and other museums (Building and Spy). I used this app on my iPhone. Our boys (age 6 and 8 ) loved using the app on their iPod to learn and compare fun facts. Great app all around.
by Sharen Phillips – Version 2.0 – Mar 10, 2012

Helpful for Family Travel This handy guide is really all you’ll need for a visit to Washington D.C. Its clean presentation makes finding restaurants, landmarks, and activities a snap! If you’re planning a trip to the Capitol this is a must-get. Love the colorful illustrations!
by Joseph Crockett – Version 2.0 – Mar 5, 2012

Amazing app, awesome guide! This app is an incredible resource. Traveling to other cities, I’ve downloaded roughly 6 to accomplish everything achieved by this one.
by girlwhowearsglasses – Feb 11, 2012

Great resource I now know what to recommend for my friends with kids, and those of us who continue to indulge our inner children as well, when they travel to D.C. This is a terrific app to download on your phone and saves you from schlepping guidebooks and maps. All the research of what to do and see with the kids has already been figured out.
by csgroomster – Dec 30, 2011

Great family app: Well worth the low price. I travel a great deal, and I recently went to DC and was so glad to have the app. Very fun and easy to navigate. Thank you DC with Kids, I love the new updates!
by Ellenmom22 – Dec 10, 2011

No need for a guide book! I got this because we went to DC for vacation and wanted to make the most of the sights, places to eat and things to do. There is something for everyone in this app. I don’t have kids and this app helped me – I can only imagine how cool it is for parents. And I love that it’s all on my phone – no need to lug around a travel book anymore. I can’t wait to go back to DC!
by Dlgartin – Version 2.0 – Dec 7, 2011

The following are apps we found to be most useful in our adventure – and that we used throughout each day we were in D.C. DC with Kids – I learned of this app via twitter and downloaded it last year when I started planning our recent trip. This app was written by a long-time resident of DC and includes 250 of the most visited points in the DC area. Kid-friendly. Bright colors, easy to navigate, and full of travel tips and fun facts of the city and our nation’s history. Listing everything from famous attractions to festivals to the best places for kid-friendly food – this app is a must! Not only did we use this daily while in the city, but I also used it when drafting our itinerary – and am so glad I did! {$1.99}
Written by jenn p, from – Nov 18, 2011

Alright As a Washingtonian I was wondering if this app knew anything I didn’t, well, nothing was new. You should add Serendipity, a great restaurant with decor better than the food. If you go, you absolutely must get the frozen hot chocolate.
by Pattycake200 – Version 2.0 – Nov 13, 2011

DC With Kids This app is a must for any parent bringing a toddler, grade-schooler, tween or teen to the nation’s capital. Colorful icons make it easy to find what we need, whether it be a suggestion for a museum on a rainy day to a scenic place to ride our bicycles. It is so user friendly.

The top exhibits (profiled according to age groups), inside tips (best times to visit a certain attraction, etc.), and even dining suggestions take the guess-work out of vacation planning. With this app, we just go and let Candyce Stapen guide us. We’ve long been fans of her guidebooks and now it’s great to have the convenience of her app. Thanks, Candyce. Hope to see more in your app series.
Written by Deb G. and family – Oct 25, 2011

“DC with Kids” App is a Parents Best Friend! Did you know that you can do a sleep over with your kids at the International Spy Museum or in the Ocean Hall at the Museum of Natural History? It is true and all of this information and so much more is available on a fantastic new app called “DC with Kids”! For $1.99 you can have all of the great inside information about DC attractions at your fingertips. Leave the bulky guidebook at home and let your fingers doing the walking! (I think the old school reference may have dated me!)

I recently downloaded this app and it truly is amazing! It opens up a whole new world of possibilities of things to do with your kids. Organized by categories, it allows you to find activities by ages, or in groupings such as “young kids”, “grade schoolers” and yes, even “teens”. Look for great outdoor activities as well as tours, festival & events, and even moonlight options. Bike, paddle, trolley and segway – the options are limitless!

Once you have found the perfect outing, you can use the app to plan your itinerary, including maps, dining options and shopping. It truly is an all-in-one application and the perfect solution to never having to hear your kids say they are “bored” again!

“You don’t have to be a permanent DC resident to see the merits in this opportunity, so remember to suggest this app to friends that may be visiting DC soon! ”DC with Kids” app is available for $1.99 on the Apple iTunes store.

Would love to hear if you utilize this app or any of the great activities it brings to light.
Written by Monica, – July 14, 2011, Review link

An App for Seeing the City Natives and tourists alike will find DC with Kids, FamilyiTrips a handy tool, with features including Top Attractions, Plan Ahead, By Ages, Special Tips, Fun Facts, Play Outdoors, Eat, Shop, Free, Side Trips and Maps. The app—90 MB, with 500 entries and hundreds of colorful photos, maps and illustrations—is the brainchild of prolific family travel author, Candyce Stapen. Discover great attractions, plan special experiences like museum sleepovers, scout out festivals and create a personalized itinerary for your family. Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Written by Washington Parent – July 2011, Review link

DC with Kids would like to be your pocket guidebook to seeing the sights in Washington D.C. with your children. This thorough app has more than 500 entries about things to do as a family. The app divides the attractions into categories so you can easily find the perfect thing to do on your visit. Some of the categories include the following: Top 11, Special (think sleepovers, tours, festivals and events), Ages, Free and Play Outdoors. There is even a category called “Plan Ahead” that lists things which require advance planning. I thought this was an extremely helpful category addition. DC with Kids also includes information on places to sleep, eat and shop while you’re visiting. Another category include side trips if you wanted to get away from the city.

Each attraction has an entry that includes details, a map and contact information. The details are well thought out and thorough, there is nothing skimpy about this information. Entries will also list the categories that the attraction falls under. As you are browsing through the app, planning out your trip you can add attractions to a favorites list and leave comments for later reading.

DC with Kids does a terrific job presenting information but I think it could use a bit of polish in the app’s navigation. The main thing that I missed was a button that would take me “home” from any screen. Right now you must use the back arrow to navigate back. There are just a few other things like that which could make the user experience more intuitive. But the star of this app is definitely the content. I’m impressed with the thoroughness that’s gone into DC with Kids. There’s so much information here it would be hard to decide what NOT to do on a trip to Washington. I’m looking forward to using the app as a resource when I get the chance to take my own kids to the nation’s capital someday.
Written by The iPhone Mom – Jun 21, 2011, Review link

Great App Finding activities in DC for kids in a wide range (baby through grade schooler) is a challenge. This app makes it easy to do, especially on the go.

Also like the fact that is provides links to the sights/activities’ websites.
by DANASHCO – Jun 17, 2011

Easy and Fun to Use! I picked this up as a lark to learn more about the city where I live, so when we have kids come to visit, I know what I am talking about. Lots of fun things to do and see because of this app. It takes you through all the tried and true spots here in DC, and gives you bits of trivia that even a local may not know. Looking forward to using it more this summer.
by William Hopper – Jun 2, 2011

Really Useful! The categories really helped me organize my trip and my kids loved the illustrations and the fun facts.
by going there – May 11, 2011

Great App!! This app is really helpful when you are looking for kid friendly activities in DC. Love the Top 11 tips for a quick list of the best things in town. Also nice that they have a ‘comments’ section so you easily keep notes. This app is especially helpful when trying to find restaurants too!!! Great deal, great app.
by Traveldaddy – Apr 1, 2011

Get kids activity planner! Thank you! This app makes our weekends more fun.
by Ron1nH00d – Mar 23, 2011

World Traveller I love this App – it’s so comprehensive, you can plan an entire day from early morn until late evening – and even plan a “sleepover”! It includes lots about DC, and also covers sidetrips to popular spots in Virginia and Maryland, such as Old Town Alexandria, and Baltimore…

My favorites are: the fun facts, which you can read to your kids “on the spot” right from the iPhone, snappy illustrations, lots of photos, and great info for ALL the family.
by photobugDC – Feb 28, 2011

GREAT APP FOR TRAVEL WITH KIDS! With 3 kids separated by 12 years, I’ve always found it hard to please everyone while traveling. Not so with this app: it’s detailed enough to provide plenty of good options for fun, interesting things to do in DC. And it’s easy to navigate: well designed and altogether appealing. “DC with Kids” is worth many times the price.
by Dr. Moms – Feb 26,2011

Wonderful App Just spent this past weekend in DC with my family. I used this application extensively throughout the weekend. From sightseeing to shopping and eating this was extremely helpful. Having the info right on my phone literally saved us lots of time we would normally have wasted. The information was spot on. Navigating through the app was a breeze. I wish there were more apps like this for other places in the US… particularly in the Badlands and Western US. As a frequent traveler to Europe I would also like this info for European destinations. Very useful app!!!!
by Rexzack – Feb 9, 2011 – Feb 9,2011

A virtual tour guide!! This app is great for planning a family trip to dc. Outlines all of the attractions and even gives you places to eat also!! Takes a lot of the guesswork out of planning a visit to our nation’s capital and acts like a virtual tour guide! Definitely a worthwhile app– easy to use and fun icons!
by Jetsetter NYC – Feb 7, 2011

DC travel app: Very easy to navigate – for parents and children of all ages. The icons and pictures are a snap and make sight-seeing fun! Good for a day visit, weekend trip or week vacation to DC this travel app has it all covered. Well worth the investment. Enjoy DC!!
by Appleshaker – Feb 5, 2011

DC with Kids: I recently saw this app as being available. Although I live in the DC area I think it is an excellent app for families who are visiting the area. I would definitely check out the teen area even if you have younger children because many of the sites listed will appeal to pre-teens as well.

Also, although it is listed for families, the recommendations for “foodies” are worth trying. Overall I would highly recommend this app for DC visitors.
by RDRLaw – Feb 2, 2011

Everything you need to know in one place! Not being a parent I am always challenged when my little nephews come to visit. What to do? Where to take them. This app has everything I need in a fun, user friendly format. It’s terrific!
by Aunt Di bethesda – Jan 22, 2011

DC App Review This is the first app I’ve ever purchased, and I’m incredibly impressed. I’ve lived in DC for a while, and I thought it would be nice to play tourist. Not is the app incredibly helpful (even for a local), but it is also really easy to use. I highly recommend giving this app a shot if you plan to visit DC. It is a great city and this will make your travels that much easier.
by DC LOCAL202 – Jan 21, 2011

What Fun! I live near DC, and I’m always looking to do new things with my three kids. I handed this over to my 11 year old, and he started to call out what he wanted to do, showing me pictures from the slide show. The kid-friendly restaurant guide looks like a winner too.
by Chad3rd’s – Jan 21, 2011

Excellent App! Provides detailed and interesting information. Includes off-the-beaten-path activities and restaurants that kept every member of our family – from myself and my husband to our school-aged daughter to our picky teenage son – occupied and happy. The app even has interesting content for our friends who live here that we were visiting! Better and more up-to-date information than a guidebook and easier to carry around. The planning features helped us get the most out of our days together!! A must-have app for the experienced traveler who has been to DC many times or for the first-time visitor!!! We look forward to more apps on more cities. EXCELLENT!! MUST BUY!!
by TravelerDC – Jan 20, 2011

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